Premarin Side Effects

Premarin, created by its parent company Pfizer, is, according to its own website, a drug for the replacement of female hormones, specifically estrogen. It is most commonly administered to women who are post-menopausal, and have […]

Zoloft During Pregnancy

Zoloft, marketed by Pfizer, is also known as Sertraline, and is sold as an antidepressive drug, claiming as it does to reduce (Pfizer’s quote) “serotonine imbalance.” However, according to PloS Medicine, a peer-reviewed medical publication, […]

Maxalt Side Effects

Maxalt, according to Wikipedia, is marketed under the name of Rizatriptan by its parent company Merck, and is prescribed for the treatment of migraine headaches (in tablets of 5 and 10 mg.).  A second generation […]

Zoloft Withdrawal

According to the FDA, Zoloft is an antidepressive medication that claims to reduce “serotonin imbalance,” a leading cause, according to Pfizer, Zoloft’s parent manufacturer, of depression. Zoloft  has rather a checkered history, and it is […]

Paroxetine Side Effects

Paroxetine, also known as Paxil (parent company GSK, GlaxoSmithKline), is a somewhat problematic drug in that the FDA  warnings, designed to preserve the safety of a patient, list, in many areas, precisely the problems the […]

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